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About Us

The Tokenized Commodities Council is an independent partnership organization, with a not-for-profit mission and open-door policy. We aim to establish tokenized commodities as safe, accessible, and desirable digital assets while promoting fair and sustainable industry practices.

Our Mission

The Tokenized Commodities Council (TCC) was established to educate both the investment community and the general public about the benefits of tokenizing physical assets. We aim to empower our members and advocate on their behalf for the purpose of advancing innovation and the adoption of digitized commodities.


Educating investors, the finance community, commodities producers, and the general public about the benefits of tokenizing assets.


Offering thought leadership, networking opportunities, industry intelligence, and options for partnerships that will enable economic growth for our members.


Advocating on behalf of our members to establish digitized commodities as widely accessible and desirable investments.

Sustainable Industry Practices

Sustainability impacts a wide range of critical issues, from ecological, environmental, and social causes to the wellbeing of humans and the entire planet. TCC works with its members to identify these environmental, social and governance issues, and to find solutions to address them. Among our highest priorities are climate change as we collectively work to shift to a low-carbon global economy. Tokenized commodities can be a powerful tool for sustainability and the implementation of ESG practices; it is our mission to educate investors and the general public about the many benefits of tokenizing real assets.

Council Members

Executive Team

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