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Douglas Jordan

COS & Interim COO

Douglas Jordan

Doug Jordan is the Interim COO and Chief of Staff of Diamond Standard, a financial technology company creating the world’s only regulated diamond commodity.

With over 20 years of experience in financial services, Doug has a unique perspective on operationalizing and scaling start-ups, products, and business units to deliver category dominance and robust business performance. He founded a consulting firm in 2018 to leverage his technical expertise and business development acumen as an institutional trading advisor.

Earlier in his career, Doug was a leading trading strategist/risk manager and senior business development manager overseeing precious metals and FX product portfolio performance for premier global banks, including Deutsche Bank, Jefferies Financial, and Credit Agricole. 

Doug was appointed Head of Jefferies Emerging Markets FX platform before joining Credit Agricole in 2015 as Managing Director. At Credit Agricole, he was responsible for G10 FX and Precious Metals trading in North America.

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