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Bruce Kamm

Title Treasurer

Bruce Kamm

Bruce Kamm is a payments and commerce strategist, and a service provider for the LODE Project. He oversaw the design, development and activation of SilverCards, LODEmarkets and the LODEpay virtual debit card, as well as facilitated introductions to broker dealers, card issuers, acquirers, payment and trading facilitators, some of whom have become Partners.

Mr. Kamm is also the CEO of LODE Payments International, where he is responsible for architecting the LODE Project’s payments and commerce services, as well as management of the SilverCards payment and redemption system, the virtual debit card issuing program, and operations of LODEmarkets, to onboard merchants, products, services, and tokenized commodities, as well as enhancing marketplace listings and user experiences.

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