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ISITC and Tokenized Commodities Council announce strategic partnership

ISITC, the industry trade group focused on developing standards and best practices in financial services operations, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Tokenized Commodities Council (TCC), a leading industry organization dedicated to educating the investment community and wider public about the benefits of and best practices around the tokenization of commodities.

The strategic collaboration enables both organizations to leverage their collective expertise and resources to advance the understanding and adoption of digitized real-world assets. By joining forces, ISITC and TCC will empower industry participants to navigate the complexities of digitization and tokenization effectively.

ISITC has been an integral part of TCC's Taxonomy Working Group, which aims to develop a standardized framework for classifying and categorizing tokenized commodities, accelerating their mission of establishing safe, accessible, and desirable new investment asset class while promoting fair and sustainable industry practices. ISITC has similarly been at the forefront of digital asset adoption, consistently leading the way in creating and implementing market practices for currencies, assets, commodities, and funds through its Digital Asset working group.

“We are delighted to partner with the Tokenized Commodity Council and combine our respective expertise to further the development of digital transformation within the financial sector,” said Kristin Hochstein, ISITC Chair. "This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to driving innovation and advancing industry best practices in the evolving digital asset landscape. Together, we hope to foster an environment that promotes education and collaboration in shaping the future of finance."

“The collaboration with ISITC marks a significant milestone in our mission to educate the financial community,” said Silvana Da Luca, TCC Chair. “Tokenization is revolutionizing the vast $12T commodities sector, fostering economic inclusivity while offering numerous advantages, such as enhanced liquidity, transparency, and measurable ESG impacts. We are thrilled to join forces with ISITC, and together advance digital asset adoption, set new industry standards, and create actionable knowledge that will change the way people perceive, trade, and invest in commodities.”


ISITC brings together investment managers, broker dealers, custodians, utilities and technology vendors to develop and promote standards and best practices that increase operational efficiencies across the securities industry, enabling member companies to provide essential and enhanced products and services. Founded in 1991, ISITC's membership totals more than 2,000 financial services professionals representing more than 60 firms and trillions of dollars in AUM/AUA. Through its member committees and working groups, ISITC plays a direct role in shaping the future of securities operations by creating and updating market practices and educating the membership around emerging trends in technology and regulations.

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About Tokenized Commodities Council

The Tokenized Commodities Council (TCC) is a nonprofit trade association established to educate both the investment community and the broader financial ecosystem about the benefits of tokenized commodities. The nonprofit aims to empower its members and advocates for the purpose of advancing innovation and the widespread adoption of this new asset class. TCC was founded by the world’s leading companies tokenizing precious metals and continues to expand to other commodity types in the metals and mining, agriculture, energy, and livestock sectors.

For membership inquiries, upcoming events, or to learn more about the financial benefits of tokenized commodities please visit:

For Media Inquiries:

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