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Global Money Transfer Revolution? Skip The Bank, Send Diamonds With Your Phone - Here's How

Benzinga, March 20, 2024


  • Diamond Standard Co. launches Carats, a digital commodity currency backed by real diamonds, trading on Bitrue.

  • Diamonds, worth $1.2 trillion and once inaccessible, are now open to investors via Diamond Standard commodities.

Diamond Standard Co. has introduced a new system for international money transfer - Carats.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, the new digital commodity currency, Carats, is backed by physical diamonds held in Brinks vaults.

This innovation allows users to send and receive money globally without the regulatory hurdles typically associated with money transmission.

A New Era Of Commodity Currency

Carats represent a significant innovation in the financial sector, being the first fungible commodity currency to be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue. This listing marks Carats' availability for global trading, extending its reach to the Asia-Pacific and European markets.

Cormac Kinney, the Founder and CEO of Diamond Standard Co., emphasized the uniqueness of Carats, stating, "We are the only company in the world both producing and tokenizing diamonds that continue to function as fungible commodities."

Kinney highlighted the system's permissionless nature, allowing any commodity owner to create Carats, which are directly tied to the physical diamond commodities held securely by Brinks.

Regulatory Freedom And Global Accessibility

One of the most compelling aspects of Carats is their exemption from most money transmitter and cryptocurrency regulations. This is because Carats are considered electronic documents of title to a deliverable commodity, rather than a form of money or a security.

This regulatory freedom opens up new possibilities for platforms, including social networks and games, to offer payment features without the need for money-transmitter licenses.

Carats can be transferred globally using just a mobile phone, sold for local currency, or even redeemed for physical diamond commodities without any fees or permissions required.

This flexibility and ease of use make Carats an attractive option for investors and users looking for an alternative to traditional financial systems.

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