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Walker Thisted


Walker is an architect, designer, and artist whose career led him to become an entrepreneur, technologist, and consultant.

As an entrepreneur, he has helped build businesses in media, architecture, construction, and real estate development. His work involved business & brand development, marketing, communications & PR, strategy & revenue generation, and operational support. Throughout, he has advocated for new technologies to support efficiency and growth. This has taken the form of designing and building smart homes with a goal of having their IoT systems utilize blockchain and urban planning work driven by digital twins and smart city technology. He has also been involved with efforts to enhance interoperability and integrated project delivery, implement 5D construction solutions, utilize digital fabrication, and integrate AR/VR in architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate.

His past consulting work has included projects for Fortune 100 and 500 companies focused on digital twins, as well as communications and strategy. In addition, he has had the opportunity to support and advise a wide range of emerging companies on marketing, branding, and growth.

All of this work is driven by a desire to collaborate on making our world more enjoyable and rewarding for an ever expanding section of the population while also ensuring sustainability, resilience, and the creation of lasting value.

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