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Erika Knierim

Founder and Principal

Erika is an attorney and finance professional with 15+ years of experience working with organizations ranging from international investment banks to multi-billion dollar technology startups.

She is an advocate for her client’s goal of maximizing value whether in the courtroom or an investment portfolio. This desire led to acquiring deep knowledge of how tokenization and blockchain technologies are affecting finance and the law. Beginning with cryptofinance, she has become an expert in topics ranging from tokenization and smart contracts to NFTs and supply chains and how they affect a company's profitability and growth.

This passion for technological innovation extends to her transformative leadership in the art and music industries. She was responsible for an overhaul of  a leading American orchestra’s approach to new customer development and interdisciplinary programming. In addition, Erika has worked as a consultant for international artists and organizations.

Over the past year, she has worked on the frontline of blockchain regulatory law and become intimately knowledgeable on the changing global regulatory landscape for cryptocurrency, working directly with several regulatory governing bodies and leading legal blockchain authorities. Through extensive access to leading industry players, she came to believe in the need for greater adoption of emerging blockchain solutions by legacy institutions and the need for strong regulatory solutions that protect consumers but still encourage innovation.

Her work is driven by a desire to create agency in a technological world, support physical engagement, ensure safety and security, expand a sense of ownership in the world we inhabit, and facilitate the preservation of assets and memories.

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